This is the host’s opportunity to say “thank you for your contribution” by offering a beautiful table and delectable meal as part of their guest’s experience. Some hosts hesitate to go “over the top” on the tablescapes for fear that the guests will not see the value in their contribution, but this is the best opportunity to not disappoint them in their generous ticket or table purchase. We want everything in the design to be treated with equal value and balance. The tablescapes will offer a lasting impression for the event and should be considered a top priority.

Centerpieces should be comfortable for conversation, but scale is equally important. The eye should fluidly follow and understand the dynamic between the linen, the tableware, the chairs and the space. This makes for a comfortable and soothing environment in which to enjoy the meal.

Our designs include table linens as they contribute in a great deal of the decor’s value. Endless options are available and this is a great way of achieving a theme or color scheme that gives the event personality. Galas that do not include a seated dinner in their format, can still enjoy the design quality that linens bring to the look and feel of the event.