Fixtures | Fabrics

We specialize in the transformation of existing space or the ground up construction of a home or property for the wedding. Tent construction is actually our favorite way to customize the event. Tents give us the ability to hang beautiful lighting fixtures, add texture with drapery and customize the amount of square footage needed for the ceremony, reception or rehearsal dinner.

We aspire to achieve authentic design. We do not use faux materials, greeneries, flowers or props. We use the same materials and fabrics used in upscale interior decorating. We customize and fabricate for our events in the same way an interior decorator installs for permanent use in a home.

Our clients will have a vision for design elements in their wedding and it is our priority that all elements are balanced. This assures the cohesive nature of the event and contributes to a well executed design.

We look forward to sharing with you all of our creativity related to fixtures and fabrics for your wedding! If you are a bride with a keen eye or high expectation for design, we are the right company for you! Let us explore with you all the possibilities for customization that will truly make your day one of a kind.