For The Venue

Our company offers consulting services to the new venue under construction for their lighting
and electrical needs for events. Through our expertise, we can help the venue be sure all the
right components are in place for the private event. We have worked with architects and
builders for rigging points, electrical plans and fixture installations.

As important as furniture and staging is to a new venue, lighting options are equally important. The ability to give your corporate or wedding client flexibility in the way their event looks can be a really big selling point for your venue.

Our company offers temporary installations of architectural lighting for buildings. These installations are effective for bringing awareness to the cause you support. We also offer video mapping for building exteriors. We will work with you on video content and projection scale to display an exciting and effective presentation. These types of presentations usually require several weeks of planning prior to the event.

We offer existing event venues regular lighting installations for their parties. We can also look over plans for a lighting or audiovisual renovation and give suggestions for equipment options.